The return value of the extrinsic function is a variable array, How can I access it?

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J = zeros(0,1);
temp = fast_union_sorted(activeSet, I);
J = temp;
the size of the array temp is not fixed size;
Matlab will report error when executing " J = temp", such as
expression 'temp' is not of the correct size: expected [0x1] found [5x1].
How can I solve it?

Accepted Answer

Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov on 14 Jul 2016
After the call to fast_union_sorted(), read the size of the return value, and reallocate J to be of that size:
temp = fast_union_sorted();
n = [0 0];
n = size(temp);
J = zeros(n);
J = temp;

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