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Push to remote repo on GitHub: my account has two-step verification turned on, not authorized error

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Erik on 2 Sep 2016
Answered: Russell Galyon on 8 Oct 2017
I've enabled two-factor authentication (aka two-step verification) for my GitHub account. Whenever I login to GitHub, I should be prompted for an additional security code. I think MATLAB R2014b doesn't support this (I don't know if newer versions do support it). When I push local repo changes to the remote repo on GitHub, I'm prompted for my username and password. After about 10 seconds I get an error saying ‘not authorized’. I guess this is because the way MATLAB communicates my credentials with GitHub does not support two-step verification. It simply tries to log in to GitHub with the provided credentials and waits for a logged in response, which it never gets because GitHub waits for an additional security code.
Is there a way to solve this without disabling two-factor authentication? Do newer MATLAB versions support the extra layer of security?
Note: I'm on a computer I don't administrate: I don't have rights to install Git or GitHub Desktop (which would make things much easier).

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Fletcher Fleming
Fletcher Fleming on 14 Apr 2017
I have MATLAB 2015a and have the same issue. My present fix is to disable two factor verification, but will eventually need to participate in a github organization that requires it.

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