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How to fix the problem " Failed to generate all binary outputs " when deploying the simulink model to Arduino ?

Asked by Omar Crypps on 15 Dec 2016
Latest activity Commented on by hamidreza heidary on 22 Jun 2017
I'm trying to use the Simulink hardware support package for Arduino with and an example given by Mathworks but when deploying the model to the Aduino Mega 2560, I get always the same error " Failed to generate all binary outputs " . This is the screen shot of my error.


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Answer by carlos valtierra on 28 Apr 2017

Hello friend I have the same problem. how i can to solve it ?

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hi ... i have a same problem. actually, i found that when i want to build a block s function form a example of the arduino software which needs to special libraries i get the error... i would be thankful if anyone helps me can set the path of header file although i replaced the files in current folder of the matlab.

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