How do I create a custom initialization function name for a Matlab Coder generated library?

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Tyson Lawrence
Tyson Lawrence on 21 Dec 2016
Is it possible to provide a custom name for the initialization (and termination) function(s) of a library generated by Matlab Coder. For example, consider two Matlab functions called funcA and funcB. If I use Matlab Coder to build these functions into a C library and select funcA as the first entry point function, then the generated initialization function for the library is funcA_initialize. This functions also initialize funcB (and all other functions), so having it named funcA_initialize is confusing. Is it possible to rename the init function to something like my_funcs_initialize? I know that I can manually change the name, or write a script to do it, but that doesn't seem clean. Additionally, I considered putting in an empty function called my_funcs.m as the first entry point function to get the name I wanted, but that too doesn't seem clean. Is there a correct way to do this?

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