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Problems when connecting to my Arduino UNO R3

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Javier Zapater
Javier Zapater on 8 Jan 2017
Edited: yasmine Brahmia on 13 Jun 2017
I have Matlab R2016a, I have installed MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware version 16.1.1 I got this message when trying to connect to my Arduino UNO R3:
>> a=arduino
Updating server code on board Uno (COM4). Please wait.
Undefined variable "ide" or class "ide.internal.getArduinoIDERootDir".
Thanks a lot for advise or indicate a hint to solve

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yasmine Brahmia
yasmine Brahmia on 13 Jun 2017
Hello , Did you get over this problem ? . The reason I'm asking is because it happen that I'm facing the same problem , But I'm getting the Error while installing the support Package : "Undefined variable "ide" or class "ide.internal.getArduinoIDERootDir". If you did solve it , please let me know how u did it? . Thank you

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