Reading file in binary format (double 64 pecision)

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I am trying to read a binary file (the attached one) with double 64 precision. Basically it is 64*1024 long, and contains intensity values (non-negative). I know I should use fread as such:
fid = fopen('sample_1_trace')
input1 = fread(fid,'double');
However, in the results obtained I am getting negative values. Can you please confirm whether I am reading the file the right way? Because if that is the case, the error may be in the file itself.
Note: I tried to attached the file, but I could not due to format restriction.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Jan 2017
fid = fopen('sample_1_trace', 'ieee-be')

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Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 16 Jan 2017
I tried writing a binary file with both negative and positive values. Then I tried reading the binary file using fread just as you have mentioned. I got the values correctly as I have written to the binary file.

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