Why don't run Control System Toobox in my Matlab

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I sold a Student Licence of Matlab, 40514722 in November 2016. I am trying to draw a Bode diagramme , but don't run and there is a banner with "I need Control System Toolbox or System Identification Tolbox. Thanks in Advance but I need an urgent answer

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Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 17 Jan 2017
Edited: Wilson A N on 17 Jan 2017
Hey, may be you might have purchased the MATLAB Student version which doesn't comprise of the other add-on toolboxes as shown in the link below:
You might need to purchase the MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite version to get the add-on toolboxes as mentioned.
But if you need only the control system toolbox then you can buy it separately as shown in the link given below:
Also please take care to see if you have the dependencies of your desired toolboxes installed. The above link also shows the dependencies for each toolbox.


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