Activate "View Layout Grid" and "Snap to Layout Grid" programmatically

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is there any way to activate the Functions View Layout Grid and Snap to Grid (included in the standard Tools-Menu of Matlab figures)? At least it ist possible to activate some other things like "Align", or things from the standard Toolbar like pan, zoom, plotedit - so there maybe is a way, to activate (all?) the other Functions and Helpers programmatically?
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Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 19 Jan 2017
You can use the following command to enable the snap to grid option
For more options you can just check the snaptogrid.m file.
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Udo Kessler
Udo Kessler on 19 Jan 2017
thank you, it works fine! I can not find this command in the Matlab Help, can you tell why?

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