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Opening uisetcolor extremely slow R2016b

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Greg on 20 Jan 2017
Answered: Leo Simon on 28 Aug 2019
Is anybody else having this issue? Has anybody found a workaround or solution?
I've tested 8 machines, and even asked a friend to try it on his system. 3 of the 9 were fine (roughly 1 second to fully open the color picker). The other 6 took about 15 seconds (certainly more than 10 seconds) to open. For my 8, all are running R2016b 64-bit with a mix of Win7 and Win10. I haven't found any distinction between the systems to indicate why the 3 have no problem.
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Adam on 20 Jan 2017
Seems to open fast enough for me. I use my own colour picker now though since they changed it to a less useful one for R2016b.
Some UIs I have do take a long time to put together though - I don't know exactly what causes it. Maybe this one has components that take a long time on some machines, but not on others.

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Accepted Answer

Greg on 20 Jan 2017
Edited: Greg on 20 Jan 2017
Since everybody seems to prefer the old color picker, and it opens much faster than the new one, it's a great workaround.
setpref('Mathworks_uisetcolor','Version',1); RESTART MATLAB
Thanks to Jean Marie for the suggestion!
Greg on 20 Dec 2017
Yes. The easiest method is put those lines of code in your startup.m file.

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Leo Simon
Leo Simon on 28 Aug 2019
Thanks Greg, wasted hours till I found your post. It's completely baffling why MATLAB would replace a perfectly good utility that loads instantaneously with an very inferior one that takes a few seconds to load, and not fix the problem till R2018b. I've been using matlab for decades and this is their worst screwup that I've experienced.



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