How to interpolate a figure made with pcolor

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ric1321 on 15 Feb 2017
Edited: Michelle Wu on 17 Feb 2017
Hi to everyone, I have these figures (.fig) coming from measurements and represented using pcolor. I would like to improve them graphically since the sampling is not so accurate. What can I do?

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 17 Feb 2017
Edited: Michelle Wu on 17 Feb 2017
There are functions available in MATLAB which can perform 1-D, 2-D, or 3-D data interpolation. The function names are 'interp1', 'interp2' and 'interp3'. Depending on how many variables you have, you can try using the corresponding function to interpolate your data before using 'pcolor' to create the pseudocolor plot.
It may be a good idea to check out the section titled 'Interpolation' in the doc page below:

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