Feature extraction from a signal and classification

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Harry on 19 Feb 2017
Answered: Shrey Joshi on 18 May 2022 at 17:40
I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few steps or even code to get started on feature extraction from a signal. I would like to extract the features of a signal and then classify them in the classification learner app.
The data I have is a vibration signal that varies between a set of healthy bearings and bearings that are faulty.
The aim is to extract the features and then compare them in the classification app with each other to identify when bearings are faulty.
Any help is appreciated!
Harry on 26 Feb 2017
I uploaded the signals and the code.
Thank you

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Abel Babu
Abel Babu on 22 Feb 2017
Edited: Abel Babu on 22 Feb 2017
Hi Harry,
This MATLAB example would be a good starting point:
The example deals with the classification of physiological signals but the features used here can be applied to classification of signals in general. The extracted features can then be fed as features for the classification app.
As suggested by Image Analyst, spectral analysis can be used to generate more features as well.
Aditya Baru
Aditya Baru on 2 May 2018
The new Predictive Maintenance Toolbox has a lot of capabilities that support this kind of workflow, so you could check out its documentation for more information.

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Zhao Lu
Zhao Lu on 22 Mar 2021
MATLAB has EMD function, for EEMD, the code can be downloaded from

Rahmawati Rahmawati
Rahmawati Rahmawati on 2 May 2018
halo everyone, I am rahma and i am totally newbie in EEG data analysis. I got an assignment to make a classification between two conditions using spectral powers based on Raw EEG data which has been given by my Professor. but to be honest i don't know how to start with this. and here are the state: Sampling rate: 512 HZ Channel position: POz, PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4, Oz, O1, O2
any help and hints are totally helpful for me.
Thanks in advance.
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Smith Khare
Smith Khare on 25 Sep 2019
One need complete dataset to process and understand, then after the main work starts

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karthikeyan chandrasekar
karthikeyan chandrasekar on 8 Jan 2019
hi everyone can anyone tell me how to extract features using PCA for a signal ,i.e 8190x2 signal which is in text[matrix] format.
Thankyou in advance
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John Navarro
John Navarro on 2 Feb 2021
By PCA did you mean Principal component analysis?
If so, PCA does not extract features, it evaluates their correlation and indicates the more useful ones. PCA is employed for feature selection, no feature extraction. It should be done according the expertise, the case of study, and the features of interest.

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Zhao Lu
Zhao Lu on 15 Mar 2021

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litha Mbangeni
litha Mbangeni on 23 Apr 2021
Can I simulate CEEMDAN in matlab
Smith Khare
Smith Khare on 23 Apr 2021
The above link could be of interest to you

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Shrey Joshi
Shrey Joshi on 18 May 2022 at 17:40
you can start by using features provided in feature extraction mode of signal labeler app.

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