How do I change my license if the new license belongs to a different Mathworks account?

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I have two different licenses, the new one being an individual license. The two licenses belong to two different Mathworks accounts (a work and personal one).
I installed MATLAB using the old non-individual license (and old Mathworks account) but would now like to use the new individual license belonging to a new Mathworks account.
How do I start using MATLAB using the new individual license?

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Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu el 13 de Mzo. de 2017
Editada: Michelle Wu el 13 de Mzo. de 2017
You should be able to start using MATLAB with a different license simply by first deactivating the old (work) license and then activating the new (individual) license. It is not necessary for the old and new licenses to be under the same MathWorks account.
Please refer to the following article for more information:
Although in your case, instead of transferring the same license to a new computer, you will deactivate one license and activate another on the same computer. I believe the useful links for you in the above article would be " How do I deactivate MATLAB? " and " How do I activate MATLAB? ".
Note that if your old license includes some products that are not available under your new license, you will lose access to them after activating your new license.
Please also feel free to contact MathWorks Customer Service if you have further questions. You may find more information (e.g. Office Hours and Contact Phone) in the following link after selecting your country/region:


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