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How to set limit of cell?

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Veronika on 4 Apr 2017
Commented: Veronika on 5 Apr 2017
Dear all,
I have this part of code:
for i=1:numel(tmp)
tmp2 = shape.spine{i};
if numel(tmp2)>2
t=[t i];
plot(tmp2(:,2),tmp2(:,1), 'o-y')
legend('Okolí hrudníku', 'Páteř + žebra');
tmp = tmp2;
and after this for loop there is this error:
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in DP_segment_final>Pater_Callback (line 456)
tmp2 = shape.spine{i};
I think, that there is problem in struct shape in cell spine, but I don´t know, how to extend or set limits of this cell. Or exist some other solutions for my problem?
Thank you for your answers.


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Accepted Answer

Jan on 4 Apr 2017
If you want to create a loop over the existing elements of a cell, use the number of elements of this cell as upper limit:
for i = 1:numel(shape.spine)
tmp2 = shape.spine{i};

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Veronika on 5 Apr 2017
Thank you for your answer.

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