how to separate values of a matrix into 2 different matrix.

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I have a matrix of 2*2=4 elements.Let it be x= [2 3 ; 4 5] i want separate the matrix into 2 matrixes. one matrix contains values should be less or equals to 2 and other matrix should contain values more than 2, and again i want to merge them back. Can anybody suggest how to do? Thank you.
aditya sahu
aditya sahu on 29 Apr 2017
Dear stephen-cobeldick, thank you for correction, here my question relates to values only, i have updated the question.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Apr 2017
Try this:
x= [2 3 ; 4 5]
mask = x <= 2;
x2 = x .* mask
x3 = x .* ~mask % Multiply by the inverse of the mask.
x4 = x2 + x3 % Combine together.

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