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Version Matlab 2017a - I suddenly do not have access in the Variables tab, to cells contents when I double click on it. All it shows me is the size of the cell as plain text, with no link or access to the cell itself. When I double-click it, it shows:
val =
{1×15 cell} {1×15 cell}
Contents of matrices is shown as before, it's only cell arrays that are not displayed in the Variables tab. I will appreciate your help a lot!
Shlomit Beker
Shlomit Beker on 9 May 2017
Yes, this is the output. ans =
I want to add that other glitches occur in the interface with the "Variables" tab, for example , the cell arrays are not updated automatically with every change, and I have to close the tab and reopen to see the updated content.

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Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 10 May 2017
I couldn't reproduce the issue at my end.
However, I feel that restoring the default path may fix the issue. Can you try executing the following commands on the MATLAB command line and check if the issue remains.
>> restoredefaultpath
>> rehash toolboxcache
>> savepath
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Shlomit Beker
Shlomit Beker on 11 May 2017
THANKS so much!! Works like magic. Thanks for helping on this.

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