ERROR in feedforwardnet (Default value is not a member of type "nntype.training_fcn".)

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Marimuthu Ananthavelu
Marimuthu Ananthavelu on 7 May 2017
Why do I receive the following error when Tried to run the example:
This is my full code : Line 22 is the line with 'trainbr'.
close all
% With Noise
% A script comparing performance of different algorithms
% traingd - batch gradient descent
% trainlm - Levenberg - Marquardt
% traingda
% traincgf
% traincgp
% trainbfg
%generation of examples and targets
p=con2seq(x); t=con2seq(y); % convert the data to a useful format
%creation of networks
The error is :
Default value is not a member of type "nntype.training_fcn".
Error using nnetParamInfo (line 28)
FCN does not return an info object.
Error in feedforwardnet>get_info (line 87)
nnetParamInfo('trainFcn','Training Function','nntype.training_fcn','trainlm',...
Error in feedforwardnet (line 39)
if isempty(INFO), INFO = get_info; end
Error in backpropag_noisydata (line 22)
Its just the given example which I try to run. But still it just throws me an error figuring out looks difficult.

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Answers (1)

Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 11 May 2017
I was not able to reproduce the issue at my end. But, I suspect that this behavior is caused due to a path issue or due to one or more default functions being shadowed.
Can you please execute the following commands in MATLAB command window
>> restoredefaultpath
>> rehash toolboxcache
Since this looks like an issue with the MATLAB search path, "restoredefaultpath" will try and reset it to the default path. This command sets the search path to include only folders for MathWorks installed products.
Using the "rehash" command updates the MATLAB list of known files on the search path.
Please execute the script and check if the issue still persists.
More information on "restoredefaultpath" and "rehash" are found in the following link:

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