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Tracking Pedestrians from a Moving Car

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I am using the example code for tracking pedestrian from a moving car ( with different video. In this code an auxiliary file named "pedScaleTable.mat" is used that helps to determine the size of the pedestrian. I want to create this file for my own video. How can I create this file?


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MathReallyWorks on 31 May 2017
Hello Pallavi,
Do you have a reference video with no pedestrians in it?
If yes, then it will be easy to find the size of pedestrians.
Try using this approach:
Get all the frames in real time and subtract each of them from their respective reference frame from reference video.
function frame = readFrame()
frame = step(obj.reader);
From the difference, You will get some blobs. Use regionprops() to detect the area of those blobs. It will give the idea of their size.
I hope it will be useful.


PALLAVI MITRA on 31 May 2017
Thank you very much for this prompt reply. I have a doubt in your answer. Are you asking for the video same as my example video without pedestrian?
MathReallyWorks on 31 May 2017
Yes. That is the reference video.

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