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aditya sahu
aditya sahu on 17 Jun 2017
Answered: dpb on 17 Jun 2017
suppose i have a matrix of 512*256 elements ranging from -200 to 200. I need to plot a graph, where the x-axis is the elements of the matrix and y-axis is the frequency(i.e no. of time the value presents in the matrix) of each matrix. Kindly suggests me.

Accepted Answer

dpb on 17 Jun 2017
u=[-200:200].'; % presume all elements are present
histogram(A(:),[u-0.5;u(end)+0.5]) % histogram with bin centered at integer elements
xlim([-210 210]) % even up white space each end
set(gca,'xtick',u(1):40:u(end)) % not enough room for very many ticks
presuming the values are integers as illustrated.

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