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Hi, I have the following data:
- A vector of physical stimulus properties, something like: [0.8, 0.7, 0.56,0.4,....,0.01]
- For each of the vector's elements, the response of the subject (either "0" or "1").
What I want: I want to bin the data with the physical stimuli, and determine the percentage of "1"s responded for this bin (it would be the percentage of correct answers for the bin).
Additionally, I want a curve fittet through these percentages. I know about the hist function, but I am not sure of how I can apply it here. Thanks
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Farooq Muhammad
Farooq Muhammad on 17 Mar 2022
hi all
i want the answer to simulation question.
i have the error plot of height above the sea level w.r.t to some reference system.
i want to bin the x axis and curve fit the bins using curve fitting tool or something else to know how error is behaving w.r.t height above the sea level.
help requierd.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Jun 2017
binedges = 0 : 0.1 : 1; %set as appropriate
[~, ~, binnumber] = histcounts( StimulusVector, binedges );
maxbin = max(binnumber);
count0 = accumarray(binnumber, Response == '0', [1 maxbin]);
count1 = accumarray(binnumber, Response == '1', [1 maxbin]);
total_for_bins = count0 + count1;
percent_per_bin = count1 ./ max(1,total_for_bins) * 100;
If you only need the percentages and not the counts, you can make this a bit shorter:
binedges = 0 : 0.1 : 1; %set as appropriate
[~, ~, binnumber] = histcounts( StimulusVector, binedges );
percent_per_bin = accumarray(binnumber, Response == '1', [], @mean) * 100;
To fit a curve:
x = (binedges(1:end-1) + binedges(2:end))/2;
y = percent_per_bin;
and now you can fit your curve on x and y using whatever distribution seems suitable. You might want to look inside histfit() to see how it does the fitting and plotting.
MiauMiau on 22 Jun 2017

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