changing text orientation of lcolorbar

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Sukuchha on 16 Apr 2012
Answered: Image Analyst on 22 Aug 2014
I want to change the orientation of lcolorbar! I want my text align verticle, i.e i want to rotate texts besides colorbar by 90 degree. How can i do that .
labels = {'Forest','Water','Agriculture','Green Areas','Built-up'};
lcolorbar(labels,'fontweight','normal', 'fontsize',16);
I = label2rgb(class_image,my_cmap_S);
imshow(I,[]),colormap (my_cmap_S) ;
Where I is my class_image is my classified image with five class . Any suggestions?
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Rebecca on 22 Aug 2014
Sukuchha, did you ever figure out how to rotate the colorbar labels? I'm trying to do the same thing in MATLAB right now.

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Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Aug 2014
Try this:
handleToColorBar = colorbar;
set(handleToColorBar,'YTickLabel', []);
hYLabel = ylabel(handleToColorBar, 'Blue Cyan Green Yellow Orange Red');
title(handleToColorBar, 'Color Map');

Richard on 16 Apr 2012
Im not sure if this answers your question but if you want to rotate the text by the colorbar (as noted above):
c = colorbar;
hL = ylabel(c,'title');
this will rotate the text which labels the colorbar. P.s. im not sure if your looking for 0 degrees or 90 degrees, in either case, simply change the rotation value.
When you specify moving up! I'm guessing this means moving the label to the top of the colorbar? in this case:
c = colorbar;
hL = title(c,'title');
I hope this answers your question.
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Sukuchha on 17 Apr 2012
Thanks lestyn for taking time to answer my question. But that was not what i meant.
I want to lable colorbar with strings eg.'Forest' for data 1, 'Water' for data 2. lcolorbar allows to do that. But the problem is labels are horizontal and i want to rotate those labels to vertical. Hope i made myself clear.

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