Implement "browse button" for interface with Matlab? (gui)

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Isti el 25 de Abr. de 2012
Respondida: Ka Mirul el 20 de Nov. de 2017
I want to make an interface of my project that i can browse the file from my interface with "browse button". Then when i click that button, the name of file i choose will appear in the "Edit" style, and also in the the file will be read and be processed by the system.
what i have to do? Thanks before :)

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 25 de Abr. de 2012
You might try uipickfiles: It was a " Pick of the Week."

Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig el 25 de Abr. de 2012
For the browse feature:
doc uigetfile
Then set the 'String' property of the edit uicontrol to the filename returned from this command.
[filename, pathname] = uigetfile();
set( yourEditHandle, 'String', filename);

Ka Mirul
Ka Mirul el 20 de Nov. de 2017
I found a video that help me, it is about creating GUI to browse an image and display the image and its name. It should help you :


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