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Can a complex program in MatLab/Simulink be converted to ladder logic?

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Chris Carruthers
Chris Carruthers on 14 Dec 2017
Answered: Bill Chou on 22 Apr 2019
A company has created a complex MatLab/Simulink program for us. They export it in structured text which we then import into a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC. Is there a way to export the code in ladder logic instead of structured text? We currently have no Stateflow charts in the program. The program is complex in that it has 80 discrete I/O and 50 analog I/O. We are controlling position, speed, pressure, and temperature.

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Bill Chou
Bill Chou on 22 Apr 2019
I realize that the question was asked quite some time ago, but answering as others may find it useful going forward.
In R2019a, Simulink PLC Coder added the ability to import and generate Ladder Diagrams from Studio 5000. In addition, there are new blocks added for creating and simulating Ladder Diagrams in Simulink.
You can find more info here:

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