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solve system of equations without using matrices.

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Luca on 11 Jan 2018
Commented: Luca on 12 Apr 2020
Hi, Is it possible to solve a system of equations without using matrices? That is, Can I write a series of unordered linear equations and find the solution?


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Tommy on 11 Apr 2020
What if you declare a, b, and c as symbolic also?
syms x y z a b c
eqn1 = 2*x^2 + y + z == 2*a;
eqn2 = -x + y - z +b == 3;
eqn3 = 2*y +c + 3*z == -10;
sol = solve([eqn1, eqn2, eqn3], [x, y, z]);

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