Export trained models in coreML

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Has anyone had any luck in converting Matlab trained models to python scikit-learn which can then be imported into coreML for use in xCode?
I have been struggling with this and tried exporting the mat and then importing into R. Exporting from R and thin into python but with little success. Is there an easier way that anyone is aware of?
Mrunal V Sontakke
Mrunal V Sontakke on 22 Jun 2021
Did you get any solution to this by now?

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Accepted Answer

Bernhard Suhm
Bernhard Suhm on 12 Feb 2018
Exporting MATLAB models into a format Python can read, or into the CoreML format is currently not supported. You could exploring writing MATLAB code that saves the model object in the Core ML format.

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