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I'm developing my own Toolbox called 'Mix Toolbox'.
My folders struct is:
function [dbfs] = amp2dbfs(sample)
%AMP2DBFS return the sample amplitude value using dBFS scale
% [dbfs] = amp2dbfs(sample)
dbfs = 20 * log10(abs(sample));
I call this function typing:
out = mix.amp2dbfs(value);
I'm trying to compile this function to MEX. In the MATLAB Coder I got:
-> Generating trial code: OK
-> Building MEX: OK
-> Running test file: ERROR
The invoked code did not call entry-point function: 'amp2dbfs'.
I tested the generated MEX file and it works.
I think that this MATLAB Coder error is only about the call 'amp2dbfs' and not 'mix.amp2dbfs'.
My question is: Is there a way to remove the final error in "Running test file" process?

Accepted Answer

Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov on 22 Feb 2018
Edited: Denis Gurchenkov on 19 Mar 2019
MATLAB Coder App does not support generating code for an entry-point function that is nested inside a package. I can think of the following workarounds:
  • use the command-line interface ("codegen") -- cd to +mix folder, call codegen from there
  • move amp2dbfs to outside of +mix
  • Create a separate entry point function (e.g. "main.m") that calls mix.amp2dbfs and generate code for that entry-point function.

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