Error using figure: First argument must be a figure object or a positive Integer

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temp = uint32(1);
Error using figure
First argument must be a figure object or a positive Integer
If anything, 'temp' is definitly a positive integer. What is wrong? (Fix it Mathworks...)
Stephen on 7 Aug 2018
"I haven't encountered this using R, Python or Mathematica..."
Sure, because other languages have their own "features", e.g. Python's default of integer division, which was a much more significant "feature" that caused far more people problems than this "feature" of MATLAB's. Both are documented too!
Comparing "features" like this is likely to be an endless game that no one wins.
"IMHO figure should just as well work with an int-type."
I totally agree. You should make a feature request: click "My Service Requests" at the bottom of this page:

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Pawel Jastrzebski
Pawel Jastrzebski on 7 Aug 2018
The doc says the input argument must be of double type:
Jan on 28 Jul 2019
@Jochem: You are right, the figure handle is not correct to define the parent of a plot command. Of course an axes is needed. This was a too sloppy translation of my own handle graphic objects, in which this call is valid. See my edited code. Thanks for checking this detail.
figure(1) will work. The original question concerned figure(uint32(1)). Then the actual problem was the error message, which can be misunderstood by a person, who is not familiar with the Matlab language.
Did you write an enhancement request, such that Matlab fixes the error message?

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