How do use fopen properly. Everytime I try I recieve an error.

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??? Error using ==> icinterface.fopen at 83
Connection refused: connect
Error in ==> theprogram at 8 fopen (t);
I am connecting a sourcemeter instrument to matlab to measure current by changing the voltage but everytime I try to connect to it I recieve this error message. Could someone please explain how to use fopen properly please?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Jun 2012
That is a correct way to use fopen() itself.
However, you are attempting to form a TCP connection and whatever is at the destination address is not listening on that particular port. You need to check that you have the correct IP address, and check the port, and check that you have a route to that network. (If the instrument's IP address is not part of the same IP network as your regular connection, and you are not using a dedicated ethernet card to connect to the instrument, then you will need to have a router in between you and the instrument.)

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Richard on 18 Jun 2012
Its hard to say without an example, which I realise is not easy in this case. I suggest to start with the help page.


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