Undefined variable when executing new object

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Hello, I got an error when my function its trying to open a new object (window).
This is the code:
function SelectFiles
%SelectFiles is a function that open last records
status = system('C:\BinaryFilesMatlab\SaveBinaryMatFile.exe 2 C:\Users\Kaf-125\Desktop\Versions\actual_gui3_patch2\file_name.mat m0_def_f0_fk');
if status == 0
res_opt = Results_with_opt(hObject,eventdata);
error('Error al sustituir el archivo');
This is the error:
Undefined function or variable 'hObject'.
Error in SelectFiles (line 8)
res_opt = Results_with_opt(hObject,eventdata);
Thank you in advance.
Oscar Espinosa
Oscar Espinosa on 16 Aug 2018
I solved it, just needed to call the function without arguments. Thank you.

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