Live Script Text Orientation Example

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Roxanne Jassawalla
Roxanne Jassawalla on 19 Sep 2018
Answered: Oliver Kluge on 6 Mar 2020
Hello, so I was looking into the Live Script extension with MATLAB (still pretty new to the package) and tried doing the Text Orientation example on the Math Works site. Unfortunately I received the following error, the second section is where I assigned a type to try and correct the issue. Any advice would be appreciated!
Roxanne Jassawalla
Roxanne Jassawalla on 19 Sep 2018
Yes! So this is the link for the example I tried to run using the Live Script Editor:
And on the Live script editor, the error message is all the way to the right of the screen in the above image.

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Answers (1)

Oliver Kluge
Oliver Kluge on 6 Mar 2020
The examples given in only work in the MuPAD notebook, which is part of the Symbolic Math Toolbox.
Therefore, it's not possible to run these examples in a live script.


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