Unable to connect ev3 Lego mindstorm

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Hello, Here is an issue I am facing with my ev3 :
I am using a Third Party Sensor (the HiTechnic Angle Sensor) with an ID that is not registered in the LEGO EV3 Support package. As far I as I understand, when MATLAB tries to connect, it goes through the IDs of the sensors that are connected to the EV3. Since it doesn't recognize the 3rd Party ID, it would not connect. It would then give the very unhelpful error: 'Unable to connect'. I'm not sure if there is a better way to do it, but I would like to modify the support package to include the ID for the new sensor in order to get it to connect. Can someone explain me how to do so?

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Prashanth Ramesh
Prashanth Ramesh on 18 Oct 2018
MathWorks does not recommend modifying the support package as there may be updates to it during future release. However, you could create a custom support package.
The following documentation pages may be of assistance to you in developing support for your target hardware:
1) The following guide from the File Exchange is a great resource for developing custom device driver blocks for your hardware:
2) To develop device driver blocks using System Objects, which provide the most functionality, you may also reference this guide in the documentation:
3) If your hardware is using an ARM processor, we also provide tools for developing new targets. These guides walk you through developing a custom target for the different ARM processors that are supported.
ARM Cortex-A:
ARM Cortex-M:
ARM Cortex-R:
Please note that the available Hardware Support Packages can be found at this link:
You may also request a new Hardware Support Package here:
Finally, MathWorks Consulting Services may be available for assistance in creating a Hardware Support Package. If this is of interest to you, they can be contacted at:

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