The way to get a graph in case of discretized system

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Hi guys, I want to get a scatter plot (actually I prefer solid line graph) in the discretized time step system.
Simplified situation is below:
% Initial conditions
t = 0 ;
T = 273 ; % [Kelvin]
dt = 0.2 ; % [time step]
% For loop
for i = 1:100
t = t + dt ;
T = 0.5 + T ;
What I want to get is a graph of T(y-axis) profile over the time, t(x-axis). In addition, is there any way to get updated graph after every each for loop calculation is end? (I want to be new data point is overlaid on an existing graph.)
Thanks for reading :D

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 18 Oct 2018
Edited: madhan ravi on 18 Oct 2018
I managed to store the values of t and T but the loop plot seems to be frustrating:
t(1) = 0 ;
% T=zeros(1,100);
% dt=T;
T(1) = 273 ; % [Kelvin]
dt = 0.2 ; % [time step]
% For loop
for i = 2:100
t(i) = t(i-1) + dt ;
T(i) = 0.5 + T(i-1) ;

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 18 Oct 2018
Use an animatedline. You probably want to determine the final limits of your axes and set them ahead of time using axis so the axes doesn't change limits each time you add a point beyond the boundary of the axes.

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