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How to read multiple excel files with different names

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Michela Gasperini
Michela Gasperini on 19 Dec 2018
Answered: xi on 19 Dec 2018
Hi everyone, I have 41 excel files that I have to import to MATLAB. From these files I need to get the value of a specific cell (for every file the cell number and letter are the same). I would like to create an arrow containing the all the values from each of the file. Any idea how I can do it?
Thank you!!

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xi on 19 Dec 2018
you can use this commend to select multiple files from the same folder..
and then use xlsread to access data in each file. and do whatever you want. see xlsread
for i=1:41
[~, ~, data{i}]=xlsread(fullfile(path,files{i}))


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