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Question on Simulink Stand Alone executable with grt target file

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Bibin on 18 Feb 2019
Answered: Patel Mounika on 21 Feb 2019
Hi , I was trying to generate a windows executable file from a simulink model using the grt system target file. It generated the exe file. This is a simple model I have two inputs and an output. I was wondering how can I call this model executable from Windows command line or say other languages like Python using os.system, and pass in the input arguments and get the corresponding outut. Any help on this will be much appreciated. Please let me know if you need more information. Compiled_Model.PNG
I am able to run this in command line, but I am not sure how to pass in the arguments and get back the result.

Accepted Answer

Patel Mounika
Patel Mounika on 21 Feb 2019
You can give the input arguments next to the executable (D:\Bibin\Testing>Test_Sum your input arguments) and the corresponding output will be displayed in the prompt.
Hope this helps.

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