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MATLAB figure windows are disabled using PCT

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Andreas Schwager
Andreas Schwager on 19 Feb 2019
I'm using figures creating videos in order to document my processing.
The code runs fine without Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT).
However, in order to speed up I like to process multiple videos in parallel.
The one and the same code throws the following error using PCT:
MATLAB figure windows are disabled. GETFRAME can not capture any part of a figure's frame, menus, or toolbars unless figure windows are displayed.
Yes, PCT workers process everything in background without visualizing it. Anyway I like to have multiple videos generated in parallel.
The code uses the VideoWriter and getFrame to collect the video.
vidWriter = VideoWriter(['Video' num2str(a(1)) '.avi']);
fig = figure;
writeVideo(vidWriter, getframe(fig))
How to enable figures even they are called by a PCT worker in background?

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