Run a script file multiple times and save variable values to array

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I have a script file that I would like to run 50 times. Each time the script file is executed I would like certain variables generated by the script file to be saved in an array I have created in the driver file. I have tried creating a driver file with a for loop and using the control variable for the for loop to index the array entries, but Matlab seems to not let me access the control variable (or any other variables in the driver file). Is there an easy way to do this? I am familiar with diary but the text output is tedious to manually convert to an array.

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Jan on 27 Feb 2019
What is a "driver file"? "Matlab seems to not let me access the control variable" - what does this mean? What do you observe? Which code do you try?
It is easy actually:
% YourScript.m
% Your script (prefer functions for a clean programming style!)
a = rand
and the main function for the loop:
function yourLoop
result = zeros(1, 50);
for k = 1:50
result(k) = a;
Jan on 28 Feb 2019
@Evan: clear is rarely useful in Matlab, but it causes troubles frequently.

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