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Is there any way to smoothly switch between two trackers?

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I am trying to switch the central tracker in this Sensor Fusion and Tracking toolbox example, Multiplatform Radar Detection Fusion:
from trackerGNN to trackerTOMHT but have been struggling to do so. Simply changing the function name along with its arguments is not enough. I've gone into the given helper functions as well to switch the parameters from trackerGNN specific ones to trackerTOMHT ones, but this doesn't do anything either.
I understand that GNN and TOMHT are both structurally different in terms of how they find predictions, so I can see why simply changing a few variables wouldn't be enough but I can't figure out where else to go.

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Elad Kivelevitch
Elad Kivelevitch on 31 May 2019
Hi Myana,
The example: shows how to switch between trackerGNN, trackerJPDA, and trackerTOMHT.
You are right that the three trackers are somewhat different and therefore have some differences between them, but we have tried to keep the names of properties that serve the same purpose the same across different trackers. Additionally, we tried to keep the inputs and outputs the same across the trackers.
At this time, I am assuming that you might be running into difficulty converting the history-based confirmation and deletion thresholds of the trackerGNN to the score-based confirmation and deletion thresholds of the trackerTOMHT. If that is the case, please consider looking at the example that provides an introduction to both track logics.
It may be a good idea to first use the score-based confirmation and deletion logic in the trackerGNN, and configure it to work well, and only then to convert to the trackerTOMHT.
Alternatively, consider using the trackerJPDA (from R2019a) with track history logic. It may provide a solution for your use case.
Elad Kivelevitch
Elad Kivelevitch on 3 Jun 2019
I am glad you found my answer helpful. Indeed, the trackerTOMHT does not have a TrackLogic property, because it only uses score-based logic. That was the reason why I suggested to convert from history-based to score-based in trackerGNN first. However, if you have already overcome this problem then you have not missed anything. You're on the right track (pun only half intended).

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