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Torque flow between torque converter and transmission

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Muataz Abotabik
Muataz Abotabik on 4 Jun 2019
Commented: jingzheng fan on 15 Apr 2020
Hello Everyone,
I am working on a vehicle powertrain model that includes a torque converter and an automatic transmission. I am planning to use powertrain toolbox to develop the system, however, I have a question regarding the inputs and the outputs of the subsystems provided with the toolbox. The torque converters' inputs are the impeller torque and turbine torque and its outputs are impeller speed and turbine speed. Theoretically, torque converter models take impeller torque and speed (from the engine) to predict the turbine torque and speed. Then, the outputs are connected to a transmission however the later has inputs of gear, engine torque, and differential torque, and outputs engine speed and Diff speed. So I am not sure how to establish a connection between the torque converter and the automatic transmissions?
Thank you!


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Mike Sasena
Mike Sasena on 22 Nov 2019
Thank you for your question, Muataz. In order to connect a block with speed outputs to a block with torque inputs, you need to add a compliance element in between them. Powertrain Blockset provides such blocks in our library, e.g., the Torsional Compliance block. You can see how we’ve used such blocks in our reference applications. For example, open up the conventional vehicle reference application, then navigate down to the driveline in “SiCiPtReferenceApplication/Passenger Car/Drivetrain (SiDrivetrain)”. Note how there’s a compliance block that connect the Dual Clutch Transmission to the Differential.
For your specific question, I've attached a screenshot of how you could connect a torque converter to a transmission block. Hope that helps,

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