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Parfor problems about loopVar = initVal:endVal

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Xin Shen
Xin Shen on 24 Sep 2019
Answered: Xin Shen on 4 Oct 2019
I got an error in my codes with line "parfor m=1:s", which is very weird. I don't know what happens. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thank you!
Error using DynSys (line 11)
Unable to perform assignment because the indices on the left side are not compatible with the size of
the right side.
Error in eGram (line 37)
parfor m=1:s
Error in testEGram (line 188)
EmGramian = eGram(@DynSys,[50; numel(index)],X0,0) ;
My function is :
function xhat = eGram(Func,ParaVector,X0,flag)
% xhat = obsv_gram_cov_unscaled(OdeFcn,Tspan,ParaVector,OuptputIndex,uss,xss)
% Func: the ode function of the system
% Tspan: [start time, ending time, sampleLength]
% ParaVector: StateNumber n, OutputNumber k,
% Cm: CmValue, and s = size(Cm,1)
% OutputIndex: the indices of outputs corresponding to states
% uss: the value of input at steady state
% xss: steady state
% Orientation Number r
% flag == 0, use initial state as bench (static); ~=0, use Y0 as bench (dynamically)
Tol = 1E-9;
% gramian parameters
n = ParaVector(1);
k = ParaVector(2);
% initialization for T for observability
T(:,:,1) = eye(n,n);
Cm = logspace(log10(0.01),log10(1),5) .';
e = eye(n,n);
xhat = zeros(n,n);
s = length(Cm);
r = size(T,3);
Ts = 0.1;
nu = 600;
[~,~,Y0] = Func(X0);
for l=1:r
parfor m=1:s % ERROR THROWS HERE!!!!!
chsi = zeros(n,n);
z = zeros(n,nu*k);
for i=1:n
% apply perturbed initial condition
initvalue = X0 + Cm(m)*T(:,:,l)*e(:,i);
[t,X,Y] = Func(initvalue);
if flag==0
for iii = 1:k
z(i,nu*(iii-1)+1:nu*iii) = (Y(:,iii) - Y(1,iii))';
for iii = 1:k
z(i,nu*(iii-1)+1:nu*iii) = (Y(:,iii) - Y0(:,iii))';
chsi = z*z';
xhat = xhat + 1/(r*s*Cm(m)^2)*Ts*T(:,:,l)*chsi*T(:,:,l)';


Dinesh Yadav
Dinesh Yadav on 3 Oct 2019
Is it throwing error if you are not using parfor?
Matt J
Matt J on 3 Oct 2019
Do you get any errors if you replace your parfor loop with a regular for loop?
Xin Shen
Xin Shen on 3 Oct 2019
I don't get any error if I use regular for loop

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Accepted Answer

Xin Shen
Xin Shen on 4 Oct 2019
I found that "Error using DynSys (line 11)" is caused by global variables. For parallel computation, I cannot use global variables.


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meghannmarie on 3 Oct 2019
Edited: meghannmarie on 3 Oct 2019
You are setting the variable xhat in the parfor and using the prevous itereation of xhat. You need to just access and set a slice of xhat, you cannot access and change xhat as a whole while other workers in parfor are accessing it. For example:
xhat(m,:) = xhat(m,:) + ...


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Xin Shen
Xin Shen on 3 Oct 2019
It does not work.
I got Error: The variable xhat in a parfor cannot be classified.
meghannmarie on 3 Oct 2019
Can you give some example inputs for Func, ParaVector, X0? Also what did you set xhat to in last line?
Xin Shen
Xin Shen on 3 Oct 2019
I solved the problem of the Func because I use some global variables in Func.
Currently, the error is what you said about xhat. It seems that I cannot slice output xhat.

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