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shooting method, bvp

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Ahsan on 5 Oct 2019
Answered: Pavel Osipov on 22 Oct 2019
I am attcahing a code in which i am trying to solve BVP by using Shooting method but failed. can any have look on it and correct it.


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darova on 5 Oct 2019
It was a question :)
I understood your comment already
Ahsan on 10 Oct 2019
@darova i am biggner in matlab i do not know whats the issue
Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 10 Oct 2019
Read my comment, until you understand what I've written.

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Pavel Osipov
Pavel Osipov on 22 Oct 2019
Tanya, hi! You attempt to solve Boundary Value Problem. Sorry, I'm think -> it's initial value problems, and tell you
about system linearized equations and their matrix and ther eigen values problem.
At function w = linshoot ( coeff, a, b, n, alpha, beta )..., and so on I'm not see all program.
Only function w = linshoot ( coeff, a, b, n, alpha, beta ).
Let's look at the problem statement and the solution algorithm. All the best, Paul.


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