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how to import matrix using load

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i want to write in "vtu file"
i have some data point and pressure
first of all i write point in matrix (30603x6) in vtu using script below
but what i have is different matrix, in vtu file
anyone give me suggestion?
filename = ( '3layer.vtu' );
load point.txt
load pressure.txt
fid = fopen (filename, 'w' );
fprintf (fid, '% 16.0f% 16.0f% 16.0f% 16.0f% 16.0f% 16.0f \ n' , point);


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Accepted Answer

Raúl Ibáñez Couoh
Raúl Ibáñez Couoh on 15 Oct 2019
You must be create a .mat file in the same diectory as your .m file and use load command to load the Example
Matrix = load('Example.mat');
This store the matrix from .mat file in the variable Matrix.


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