Issue with MATLAB Livescript when entering the equation

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Swarnajyoti Mukherjee
Swarnajyoti Mukherjee on 17 Oct 2019
Edited: madhan ravi on 30 May 2020
Dear all,
Is it possible to get a tag, like in LaTex, for equation inside Live Editor or automatically alligned and numbering the equation? Is it possible in LiveScript?

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Shubh Sahu
Shubh Sahu on 30 Jan 2020
Right now we don't support that functionality but in a future release, we will try to incorporate.
Please refer to the given link for more information:
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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 30 May 2020
Sahu so the releases of MATLAB Online are released on the same day as MATLAB releases? If livescript encapsules all the capabilities of LaTeX. Then livescript would be more powerful that the users would not have to move to a separate platform for LaTeX. So it could be adapted for thesis/research papers.

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