how to plot in UIAxes in app designer

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Ni2 on 25 Oct 2019
Commented: Biraj Khanal on 9 Jun 2022
i have written codes for a plot in .m file now i wanna plot the same thing in a interface made by using appdesigner.
this is my plotCapture1.PNG
i want to plot it here

Accepted Answer

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar on 25 Oct 2019
Edited: Ajay Kumar on 25 Oct 2019
You can give axes handle in the plot.
for example, if you used
now, use
and ofcourse, the testtesttest function should have the handles of app.
Biraj Khanal
Biraj Khanal on 9 Jun 2022
How do you use fnplt for uiaxes?
plot(app.uiaxes,x,y) works but fnplt(app.uiaxes,cscvn(points)) does not. Does anyone have any suggestion?

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