How to extract a value out of different .mat files and save them into an array

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I have to load multiple .mat files, and in those files I want to get the same value out, and then place it into an array
for examle I have 5 files
and in each of this 5 files is the same variable, that hat in each case an other value, and I want those values saved into an arry.
How can I do that, i'm stuck?
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

TADA on 24 Nov 2019
s = load('my_file_5.mat');
will return a struct, each variable in the file will be put in a field in that struct
if all files have the same fields, you can put them all in a struct array:
for i = 5:-1:1
s(i) = load(['my_file_' num2str(i) '.mat');
if you are only interested in specific variables from each file you can tell load to only load the variables you need, like that:
s = load('my_file_5.mat', 'X', 'Y'); % if the variables are called X and Y for instance

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