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Not able to use ode45 to solve and plot solution to vdp equation

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Louis Sharma
Louis Sharma on 28 Nov 2019
Edited: Stephan on 28 Nov 2019
Hello, I am trying to solve the vdp equation for the case where mu=1.
I am not able to obtain the solution. The error is that the vector returned by the differential equation and the one returned by the initial conditions do not have the same dimensions.
Any help would be great!
Here is my code:
f=@(t,Y) [(1-x^2)*Y(2); -Y(1)]
cond1= x(0)==2
cond2= Dx(0)==0
conds= [cond1, cond2]
tspan= [0 10]
[t,ylim]= ode45(f,tspan, conds)
x=Y(:,1); Dx=Y(:,2);


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Accepted Answer

Stephan on 28 Nov 2019
Edited: Stephan on 28 Nov 2019
You are missing some things. Looks like a mix of numeric and symbolic calculations, which won't work. But tou have luck - exactly this is an example in the documentation, so you can learn how to tackle this correctly:


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