How do i assign value of a sub-cell element to a variable

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shubham shubham
shubham shubham on 5 Dec 2019
Commented: shubham shubham on 6 Dec 2019
function [g]= rock(s, m, h)
rock ({{[7,6,4,8,7,9,1,12], [9,6], 31}
{[9,3,5,8,0,1,1,1,15], [10,10]}
{[0,0,2,4,0,0,11], [3,4], 26}}, 55,45)
if i pass this i want to add -[7,6,4,8,7,9,1,12] = 54 and [9,6] = 15
i want to assign 7 to a variable and then run a loop uptil the end of the first element (i.e-12) so i can add them. How can i do that?
when i use cell2mat
it adds up all the elements if the cell array (i.e [7,6,4,8,7,9,1,12], [9,6], 31) instead of first element

Answers (1)

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar on 5 Dec 2019
{sum([7,6,4,8,7,9,1,12]), sum([9,6]), 31}
Is this what you wanted?

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