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Yusuf Selim KARATAS
Yusuf Selim KARATAS on 24 Dec 2019
Answered: David John on 16 Jan 2020
Hello eveyone,
I want to use a generate a temperature dependent voltage source in simscape by using dc voltage source. Temperature parameter is dynamic so i need to take that as input to source code for the voltage source ?
Can you help me defining the temperature and taking it as input to source code of the voltage source?

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David John
David John on 16 Jan 2020
The most straightforward way to do this is to write your own custom block using the open source code of the Controlled Voltage Source as a starting point. Instead of the input vT, you could have a thermal node and make the voltage equation dependent on the temperature. If you define:
H = foundation.thermal.thermal;
then the temperature may be accessed using H.T, which may be used in the equations section.

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