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Fuzzy Logic cannot delete input and output variables in Matlab 2018b

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Man Lit Wong
Man Lit Wong on 21 Jan 2020
Answered: Athul Prakash on 24 Jan 2020
Dear Sir / Madam,
I am a City U staff and using the Matlab 2018b campus license. I use the fuzzy logic tool. I found that after I have created an input or output, I cannot delete it. It justs show "Removing....." (please read attachment)
I previously used an very old version Matlab 7.01. It can work very easily. Just simply use keyboard "delete" button or in the fuzzy logic window, click EDIT --> Remove selected variable.
In fact the screen is very similar for ver 7 and ver 2018b. Is it the bug? Would you please kindly help answer it?
M.L.Wong (Mr)


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Answers (1)

Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash on 24 Jan 2020
Yes, this appears to be a bug. The developers were already notified of this issue and it was fixed in R2019a.


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