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trainYOLOv​2ObjectDet​ector gives error for grayscale images with 1-channel

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Hello guys,
when i try to train a yolo network with input image size [3508 2480 1] and images with size [3508 2480] of class uint8, it gives the following error.
Invalid transform function defined on datastore.
The cause of the error was:
Error using vision.internal.cnn.validation.checkImageAndNetworkChannelSizes (line 8)
Invalid input image channel size: 1.
The input image channel size (1) must be the same as the network's input channel size (1).
When i click on the line hyperlink of first error, it shows the following code:
function checkImageAndNetworkChannelSizes(I, networkChannelSize)
% If the input image size has a different channel size than that of
% the network input size, we need to error.
[~, ~, Isize] = size(I);
if ndims(I) ~= 3 || Isize ~= networkChannelSize
error(message('vision:rcnn:invalidInputImageChannelSize', Isize, networkChannelSize));
I understand that images must be three dimensinal although documentary says we can use grayscale images. Is it possible to change the size of a matrix from [m n] to [m n 1] ?
Haw to fix this problem ?
Thank you,
Barış Kılıçlar


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Accepted Answer

Dinesh Chintaginjala
Dinesh Chintaginjala on 19 Jun 2020
Hi Baris,
I am assuming you are using MATLAB R2019b. The above error is not related to changing the matrix dimensions. This is a bug and has been fixed in R2020a version. You can upgrade to latest releases of MATLAB for all latest updates and bug fixes.

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