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how can I display my result: the problem on fprintf command

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Zeynep  Toprak
Zeynep Toprak on 11 May 2020
Edited: Zeynep Toprak on 11 May 2020
I write the code as follows:
expo_result = ['quantile of exponential distribution =', num2str(quantile_expo)];
normal_result = ['quantile of normal distribution =', num2str(quantile_normal)];
lognormal_result = ['quantile of lognormal distribution =', num2str(quantile_lognormal)];
gamma_result = ['quantile of gamma distribution =', num2str(quantile_gamma)];
fprintf(expo_result, '%s\n\r' );
fprintf(normal_result, '%s\n\r');
fprintf(lognormal_result, '%s\n\r');
fprintf(gamma_result, '%s\n\r');
But I see result on the command window as follows:
>> project_part_1
quantile of exponential distribution =6.5472e-05quantile of normal distribution =82.864quantile of lognormal distribution =55.4211quantile of gamma distribution=86.6666>>
How can I print them separately? Thanks a lot.


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Accepted Answer

James Tursa
James Tursa on 11 May 2020
The format string is first, not last. E.g.,
fprintf('%s\n\r', expo_result);

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