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how to concatenate variables for DWI images

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Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging el 20 de Mayo de 2020
Comentada: Medical Imaging el 28 de Mayo de 2020
I have written matlab code to read 5 diffusin weighted images (DWI niftii files) having size 176x176x14 (rows x column x no. of slices) and want to concatenate all DWI variables (DWI1, DWI2, DWI3, DWI4, DWI5) as shown below.. after running this code C has 176x880x14. what could be wrong in concatenation. Please suggest the right way of doing it. Thank you in advance.
DWI1 = niftiread('1_b0.nii');
DWI2 = niftiread('2_b150.nii');
DWI3 = niftiread('3_b500.nii');
DWI4 = niftiread('4_b1000.nii');
DWI5 = niftiread('5_b2000.nii');
C = [DWI1, DWI2, DWI3, DWI4, DWI5];

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Sindhu Karri
Sindhu Karri el 28 de Mayo de 2020
Hii, As you have concatenated 5 images (176x176x14) along 2nd dimension ,the resulted image has (176x880x14) ,where 880=176*5,which is reasonable.
Depending on the requirement you can use the following functions:
Refer to below links:

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